Born to be wild.....

At Tyler James you will discover only the finest wild bird foods and accessories.


Lets look after these feathered beauties so they can look after and enrich our environment. Wild birds have now become reliant on us feeding them, no longer is it only necessary to suppliment their natural feast during the winter months. We need to feed all year round.


So let us help you to help them........put out our top quality husk free birdseed, plump bakery grade sunflower hearts,red peanuts from brazil, black sunflower seeds, niger seed, or our very special Robin mix full of mealworms! Feel free to mix and match the seeds to get the feed that works for your flying visitors....they're all the same price.


In additon to seeds, we have the very best in suet pellets, half filled coconuts, suet trays in a variety of receipies, traditional fat balls and dried mealworms.


To help you serve the birds their feast, we stock a large variety of feeders. All hand picked for their quality and the colours are chosen to blend into the environment.



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